Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Transition

we create business plans that are risk-proof and resilient - for investors, customers & partners

i n f i n i t i x A.I. maps complex problems and creates multi-stakeholder models to capture value from waste and implement sustainable value chains, which reduce CAPEX/OPEX and improve economy.

infinitix A.I.

create your transition model

in 6 weeks you get strategic advice and practical solutions

infinitix platform

streamline implementation

after providing solutions, we offer support in implementation

infinitix marketplace

manage your solutions

after implementing solutions, we offer block-chain for valorisation

i n f i n i t i x  is a scalable multi-stakeholder data-model for design, risk-management and decision-making

the unprecedented effectiveness of infinitix comes from combining qualitative methods i.e. the Theory for Resolving Invention-based Problems and the Design Structure Metrics – into a standard model for data management, co-creation and evaluation

These methods never been integrated into the sustainability before despite its proven data in economy enhancement and change-management

our services

we offer a committed relationship to turn your problems into a long-term partnership focused on implementing solutions, supported by the A.I., the platform and the marketplace.

i n f i n i t i x A.I.

create your transition model

In 6 weeks you receive advice on strategy for your organisation and a business plan for implementing your potential solution in the most feasible and risk-free way.

i n f i n i t i x A.I. maps your value chain of resources, stakeholders and infrastructure; quantifies dependencies; and rates opportunities, bottlenecks and risks in the system. After baseline model is created, we add solutions to the model, and test how resilience of the system and the risks around you are influenced. From this we derive most optimal change management strategies and propose an opportunity for a private-public-people investment to implement your 0-waste solution.

i n f i n i t i x A.I. can be applied for individual projects, private-public-people partnerships, cities, regions, states and multi-state environments.

i n f i n i t i x platform

streamline implementation

after i n f i n i t i x A.I. generated a strategy and business plan, we support you in bringing it to life. We help you at any phase of your progress, turning it into a cohesive and actionable roadmap. We help you to engage relevant stakeholders, experts and students in order to take systematic steps towards a bankable and a scalable solution.

In this process, we also attract funding to upgrade infinitix A.I. into an online platform with user interfaces and extra analytics that you can use for communication, co-creation and management of solutions and your project with relevant researchers, practitioners and decision-makers e.g. in your sector of economy. 

i n f i n i t i x marketplace

manage your solutions

once you have a running digital platform and a physical solution – we upgrade your platform with block-chain into an online marketplace and performance management system, where you can manage your value chain, trade your solutions, recovered resources or produced products, license IP or procure materials in your local ecosystem and global market.



Model Inputs
  • Amsterdam Region
  • Waternet Business
  • Phosphorus Value Chain
  • Data-Model
  • Phosphorus Strategy
  • Business & Implementation Plan

i n f i n i t i x – w a t e r  model

Using ‘i n f i n i t i x’ A.I., we developed a strategic data-model for design and decision-making in water sector. Currently, we are in the process of developing ‘water platform’ where we offer wastewater utilities and water boards insights developed for Waternet, and test proposed solutions for Amsterdam in other countries.

Moreover, we are looking for partners and investors interested to support business  & implementation plan for new value chain for phosphorus recovery and valorisation. We found solution that can reduce up to 50% CAPEX/OPEX of wastewater treatment plants, while recovering 100% of phosphorus from wastewater and valorising it for pharma, agri and food industries.

About i n f i n i t i x

i n f i n i t i x A.I. is created with support of experts from Organic Village, TU Delft, MIT, Elastique, and validated together with the International Water Week, Witteveen en Bos and Waternet in Amsterdam and Singapore.

Maxim Amosov is Founder and CEO at  ‘i n f i n i t i x’ BV.

In 2008, he moved from Omsk, Siberia – to Wageningen in the Netherlands to pursue career of sustainability engineer. In 2009, he started a consultancy firm ‘Organic Village’ that focused on design of 0-waste systems, open innovation and business models. In 2012-2015, helped starting ‘Metabolic’ (consultancy) and implementing ‘De Ceuvel’ ( in Amsterdam. 2015-2019 was dedicated to developing framework of frameworks that would allow all stakeholders of Amsterdam Region to link projects, and co-create a plan for transition to resilient and circular system. In 2018-2019 he published 2 papers with help of TU Delft and MIT. In 2020 this framework was translated into a software and tested in Amsterdam and Singapore.

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We are group seasoned experts from complementary disciplines.

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