Risk Management for Circular Economy

we make your business infrastructure risk-proof and resilient for investors, customers & partners

with infinitix integration with circular economy and sustainability principles becomes predictable, optimised and cost-effective

infinitix report _

panoramic risks management model

Perform Infrastructure Risk Analysis for Enterprise and Private Public People Investment

infinitix workshops _

projects co-creation, facilitation & trainings

Run scenarios to discover the best change management strategy and intervention points

infinitix model _

corporate sustainability ledger

Leverage the data about your business logics into a digital asset for risks management and valorisation

infinitix is a new multi-stakeholder model for risk-management and decision-making

the unprecedented effectiveness of infinitix comes from combining qualitative methods i.e. the Theory for Resolving Invention-based Problems and the Design Structure Metrics – into a standard model for data management, co-creation and evaluation

These methods never been integrated into the sustainability before despite its proven data in economy enhancement and change-management

our services

for you, we are not just making a report with unique insights, but a scalable online data-model that can be enhanced into a Digital Ledger Technology and a Sustainability Marketplace

infinitix report _ panoramic risks management model

using the innovative infinitix software model, in 8 weeks, we create a report with panoramic overview and evaluation of risks i.e. environmental, social, economic, technological, infrastructural – relevant to you and linked stakeholders. We map your value chain and infrastructure; evaluate opportunities, bottlenecks, risks; and engineer change management strategies optimised for your enterprise and private-public-people investment. infinitix evaluates system-wide effects and dependencies using qualitative DSM algorithms; which results we supplement with quantitative studies of our partners

in the process, we offer 3 workshops to learn, design and decide

infinitix workshops _
projects co-creation, facilitation and trainings

using the infinitix and support of our community of practice (partners, clients, contributors) we can help you at any phase of your progress, turning it into a cohesive and actionable roadmap – whether you have a brilliant idea, a risky project or an established organisation

together with you we will identify whether you need help with new data from us, or structuring your current data, or learning how to innovate in a truly systemic way

we offer you and your partners an online tool to capture learning experience and co-create inclusive strategy and solutions; complemented with 3 required trainings

infinitix model _
corporate sustainability ledger

We map your organisation, processes, products and projects into a singular (holistic) business logics, that can be programmed and enhanced. It will serve as a roadmap for decision-making directly linked to your operations and HR. It is a basic block of ledger-based technology.

About Infinitix

Infinitix software and model are created together with Witteveen en Bos and Waternet based on methods and insights, developed by Maxim Amosov, and verified and published in two publications together with Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT) in two consecutive papers.

The inspiration for  Amosov’s research and publication was working on creating De Ceuvel (www.deceuvel.nl).

Amosov is a sustainability engineer from Russia, currently living and working in Amsterdam.

Our Team

We are group seasoned experts from complementary disciplines.

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