Infinitx, a new model for sustainability

The Why

Our purpose, cause or belief, the very reason our organisation exists in the first place

Together, on this planet, we face social, economic, environmental and ecological crisis. In the next 20-30 years, we will reach our planetary resource boundaries and may lose up to 90% of biodiversity and access to materials and goods. Cradle-to-Cradle, Circular Economy, Sustainable Development Goals, Donut Economy are the concepts that show better and healthier state of the environments we can live in.

A lot of good work is done by many. However, because we live in a very complex system where everything is interconnected, it is difficult for stakeholders of the current current (linear) system to connect their ideas, solutions, data and targets into one roadmap that would fit each and one of them.

For example, imagine municipality, citizens, farmers and utilities would collaborate on a circular food system – what is the best way to design it, how and where to integrate in the current system of stakeholders and infrastructure, how change in one part of system affects another – these are some of question that yet cannot be answered. Moreover, participants would have to simultaneously apply change for new system to work.

The key challenge is that widely-used quantitative methods cannot capture complexity nor provide flexibility, interoperability and modularity, and for that matter cannot provide a holistic perspective that can be inclusive and clear to all future participants of sustainable transition.

With INFINITIX, we combine qualitative methods with quantitative into a software model that will help active stakeholders to co-create new visions and business models and come up with problem-solving algorithms applicable across countries, based on existing data and expertise, without a sweat.

The How

Things that make us special or set us apart from competition.

We build INFINITIX, based on 2 fundamental methods that changed economies: TRIZ and DSM. TRIZ – theory for resolving invention-based tasks, that was coined in USSR in ‘50s, and applied across countries for planning & management of supply-demand relations and infrastructure on a national scale. DSM – design structure matrix was developed at MIT (USA) in ‘70s and applied by industries and business (e.g. GMC, NASA, IBM) for optimization of processes, products and organizations.

In our scientific work, we combine TRIZ and DSM methods into one, perform case-studies, and link other methods like Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment for quantitative assessment. In order to prove and enhance the method and the results, we validate it in expert sessions and conferences with relevant stakeholders. Through scientific work, we develop research manuals, blueprints, business models and unique, non-intuitive insights into risks & opportunities, that cannot be obtained via e.g. MFA.

In order to make our method and outcomes usable and scalable, we create a software model that supports algorithmic multi-stakeholder approach to problem-solving, through steps e.g. educating about complex linear economy, engineering solutions / alternative paths, optimizing individual systems, voting.

In order to make our method and outcome sustainable, we a working together with contributors, launching customers and early adopters, who populate, co-own and use INFINITIX, now and in the future.

In order to make our method inclusive and accessible, we organize co-creation sessions and workshops for all interested parties, who wishes to contribute to our scientific (R&D) endeavor, plug-in solutions or services, or simply learn new knowledge and skills.

We launch INFINITIX in Amsterdam, because of high commitment to acton among people and businesses.

The What

Products we sell, the services we offer

INFINITIX is a zero-waste design and decision support tool. A steward that helps integrating goals, analyze risks and co-create 0-waste products, services, business models in (and across) different sectors of the circular economy.

You can access manuals for research, design, and implementation – to test ideas, policies, plans. You will find stakeholders, vote for solutions, and optimize your business and region towards resilience and feasibility.

These are the services our experienced team can immediately assist you with:

Business Logics Engineering

For policy-makers, boards of directors, chief officers and project/ program managers interested in capacity-building and innovation.

We help you structure your R&D program, data, projects, business model and risks within your organisation or partnerships and provide roadmap for interventions and improvements that increase productivity and alignment between teams and directors. In phases, you will learn how to streamline your operations, reduce CAPEX, test new products/services and connect your current business logics to new sustainable markets and value chains.

You will receive report with recommendations and will be linked to the INFINITIX for further co-creation with the relevant teams and partners.

Value Chain Engineering

For those, who are interested in recovery and valorisation of resources from waste flows; vision-making, testing alternative solutions (products/ services), 0-waste business models and engineering of resilient metropolitan areas, and finding opportunities for business diversification.

We help you map and analyse key risks, opportunities and bottlenecks in your current supply-demand value chain (business model/ system), test alternative models for resource recovery/ acquisition and valorisation,  identify and engage relevant stakeholders, analyse change management strategies and co-create new solutions, demand, policies and integrated action plans for 0-waste economy (products/ services).

You will receive report with recommendations and will be linked to the INFINITIX for further co-creation with the relevant teams and partners.

Trainings & Co-creation Workshops

For anyone who is interested in gaining skills in resilient and 0-waste systems engineering, open innovation, circular economy, systems thinking, complexity modelling and entrepreneurship. Also for those, who has an idea or a project, and wants to organise innovation process and bring it towards working prototype.

First, we organise education sessions for groups of 30-60, as stand-alone or sequential sessions, that cover 1 or all theory+practice modules. You will learn about qualitative and quantitative methods for design and analytics, meet experts and create first holistic model of your idea.

Second, we organise co-creation sessions for groups of 10-15, as stand-alone or sequential sessions, that cover 1 or all decision-making modules. Participants will align ideas, targets and questions, create holistic model and test range of solutions together with our community of experts.

After completion of Trainings & Co-creation, you will be linked to the INFINITIX to continue research and decision-making with other contributors.

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”

Kara LucasSustainability Expert

“If we are to create a more peaceful world, made up of peaceful individuals, we need a greater concern for others. Altruism. That gives inner strength, self-confidence.”

Alex CohenSustainability Expert

a better life for future generations

a better life for future generations

a better life for future generations

a better life for future generations

a better life for future generations

The When

Our real milestones, the accomplishments we have so far, and the vision for the future.


we published one scientific manuscripts that were validated by participants of Amsterdam/Singapore International Water Week and DSM conferences, in total 7.


we published one scientific manuscripts that were validated by participants of Amsterdam/Singapore International Water Week and DSM conferences, in total 7.


we built a prototype of a software model that was used to generate insights for Waternet and stakeholders.


Organic Village brought together complementary companies to co-create and manage the next version of the tool and solutions that are generated.


we are building a Minimum Viable Product of infinitix that will serve a selection of projects, starting with Waternet. We plan to build the basic model, logics and user interfaces that will enable man-machine learning techniques in the future. As a proof of concept, infinitix will provide recommendations for phosphorus recovery strategy in Metropolitan Region Amsterdam and newly built Straneiland area.


we plan to implement Artificial Intelligence for automation in research, engineering & decision-making; and Blockchain Technology for data safety, shares-accounting & transactions.


we will build a ‘farmville of circular economy’ for Amsterdam to generate data and invest into solutions with the highest performance and positive impacts.


we will develop and validate strategy to recover and valorise resources in Amsterdam and show others how to follow the steps. In 10 years, we hope to see Amsterdam a circular economy city.

Current projects

De Ceuvel

Realized circular office area in Amsterdam North


Strategy for resource recovery and valorization


Circular island neighborhood in Amsterdam

Floriade 2022

Expo-center and circular economy strategy in Almere

Your case?

Mapping and match-making cases & solutions

AI solutions for the future cities

AI solutions for the future cities

AI solutions for the future cities

AI solutions for the future cities

AI solutions for the future cities

The Who


Organic Village

Leads R&D, develops INFINITIX, and structures co-creation process, projects and relationships.

A cutting-edge R&D agency in Amsterdam that tailored a unique integrated data-model and methodology, which unlocked possibilities for software development and co-creation. Focuses on structuring, design, prototyping, testing, and implementation of physical DIY clean-tech systems (like at De Ceuvel), digital holistic data model (software), and vision for circular economy on a regional scale. Organic Village acts as catalyser of new partnerships and contributors for future solutions.

Delft University of Technology

Leads research and publications, contributes to R&D, provides expertise on resource recovery and valorisation.

TUD is the most awesome university when it comes down to engineering clean technologies, industrial processes, ‘sci-fi stuff’, and urban systems. Experts from the wastewater faculty department help creating a vision for circular economy in the water sector, roadmap for change management in regional economy, and validating new method and models for collection, structuring, analysis, interpretation, communication and reuse of data (qualitative and quantitative) by various experts.

Elastique PL

Provides technical advise, and develops INFINITIX.

Elastique PL is a software development company in Warsaw and Amsterdam, with broad experience in building digital platforms and tools for research, analysis, design and decision-making.




Leads decision-making; provides cases and R&D questions; co-creates INFINITIX platform.

A Dutch water board and a utility in Amsterdam that provides drinking water, and treats wastewater in the metropolitan area. Together with 32 municipalities, 1.2 mln customers and various business they maintain 4000 km of sewers and 12 Wastewater Treatment Plants. They see the Water System as a key for unlocking sustainability and empowering circular business models, from a household to a regional scale. They seek and co-develop solutions that help recovery and valorisation of resources from organic and wastewater flows in the Netherlands and globally. Several experts set requirements for the INFINITIX and participate in co-creation and trainings, to later - adopt the tool and launch the Circular Water System Platform.

Wageningen University & Research

Leads business modelling, contributes to R&D, and provides IP (biotech, food, robotics, tools).

WUR is the most epic when it comes to life sciences, urban landscapes, food systems, biotechnology, new sanitation and cultural diversity. Experts from the Center for Knowledge Valorisation help co-create new circular business models that link their IP i.e. technologies, with potential business cases of our clients and partners.

Cultural Design

Leads branding and graphic design for INFINITIX and projects initiated with partners.

Cultural Design is a multidisciplinary design and innovation agency, helping brands to move forward in technology and digital culture. In Amsterdam, has in portfolio Metabolic, TEDx Amsterdam, PICNIC Festival, Design Management Netwerk, APPSTERDAM and others.

Witteveen en Bos

Leads cleantech engineering, contributes to R&D, manages co-creation process and relationships.

An engineering agency in Amsterdam with offices around the world. Experienced developers of advanced cleantech systems in food, water, energy, resource-recovery sectors. They help Waternet to evaluate and engineer clean-tech solutions i.e. phosphorus, ammonia, cellulose, proteins etc recovery, upgrade, re-manufacturing; they also bring partners that implement and hand-over the solutions. Several experts help manage adoption of INFINITIX, facilitate in business development, and participate in co-creation and trainings.


Provides knowledge and network of relevant stakeholders, and living lab space for testing ideas and solutions

AMS is a living lab environment that aggregates citizens, students and stakeholders from business, academia, government in the Netherlands and globally, into projects and joint ventures that realise complex research and development projects in various sectors of circular economy and resilient cities engineering. Experts from the topics of 'Data' and 'Resilient Cities' help co-create new ontologies (system definitions).

We are always looking for parties and experts to join our shared roadmap for a sustainable future.

We are always looking for like-minded partners Join Us in our sustainability quest